AETHON Engineering Consultants is involved in all aspects of civil engineering studies with a greater focus in transportation engineering that involves studies on transportation planning, management and operations. Due to our extensive background in working with “Big Data” and our enthusiasm in doing so, we also offer services on data management, analysis, visualization and collection for sectors pertaining to the civil engineering subjects. Finally, we create specialized IT applications relating to civil engineering subjects.

What sets AETHON apart from the competition is our core value propositions and key methodology which can be summed up to our motto: 1+1=3

1+1=3 approach means that we always strive to create something more out of the available resources. This does not translate only to good products and services that AETHON provides but also to the modern and innovative approach we follow when engaging problems. It also means that we offer complete solutions starting from the conception of an idea, to planning, obtaining funding, execution and delivery.

For achieving our goals we have a diverse team that comprises of engineers, programmers, statisticians/mathematicians, consultants and analysts.

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