Data Analytics

The age of Big Data opens up new ways for engaging what were previously considered as typical problems. Big Data also pave the way for improved applications and studies especially in the complex systems that civil engineers engage. But Big Data sometimes bring Big Problems that relate to data management, data analysis, data visualization and data acquisition.

Data means understanding. Big Data means better understanding. But to understand what data show and how they can be used, context is required and that is exactly what AETHON provides.

As engineers we engage data analytics from an engineering perspective: we are able to create a more comprehensive and holistic, with respect to the subject of the study, meaning from the data. Additionally, our strong IT background gives us the ability to efficiently manage large datasets and apply advanced techniques such as data fusion while we can create customized visualization and analysis tools.

Our data analytics services are relevant to the transportation sector, logistics sector and civil engineering sector. For the transportation sector, we are able to perform analysis on socio-economic data, perform performance and impact studies (questionnaire based and other such as data obtained from smartphones), analyse traffic operations data (obtained from loop detectors, cameras etc.), parking data and safety data (for performing analysis such as “black-spot analysis” or creating Collision Prediction Models). We also can provide advice on formulating strategies for long-term and short-term data collection.

For the logistics sector, we have experience on analyzing performance data (microscopic and macroscopic movement measurements), storage data, demand data (for demand forecasting), data for creating dynamic models for mode and hub choice.

For the civil engineering sector, we can utilize data analysis techniques (such as time series and data fusion) to extract useful information utilized for model creation, performance analysis and more.