Specialized IT Solutions

The complex issues that arise today in the civil engineering sector require specialized analysis that applies state-of-the-art methodologies. However, creating the right tools and applying these methodologies requires knowledge on both computer and civil engineering. Additionally, creating a tool that is understandable and can be easily extended or generalized for other similar tasks is an important goal that gives extra value to the investment and ensures its time durability.

In AETHON, we believe that any innovation and any smart solution must be automated, cost effective and practical. We provide advanced IT tools for all engineering subjects, such as on-line platforms, smartphone applications and computer software for automating activities, applying modern solutions (e.g., optimal routing engine, data analytics techniques) and demonstrating results (i.e., data visualization). Our innovation driven approach gives further added value to any tool we create.

Innovation is a mix of an original idea and automation. In AETHON we believe that both have equal importance.

Our services range from planning of the tool creation process to production, testing, implementation, results analysis and maintenance. We put great effort in informing our clients about the functionality of our products: we perform hands-on training courses, presentations etc. for efficiently learning how to use each and every one of our products for companies.