Transportation Engineering

The transportation and logistics sectors are integral parts to the economic well being of communities, municipalities, districts, countries and even continents. The transportation system consists of complex microscopic and macroscopic interactions that affect modal split, spatial planning, economic activities, safety, carbon emissions and more. This is the reason why concrete and well-reasoned planning when investing in the transportation and logistics sectors is important.

Transportation engineering is about efficiency when moving from A to B. It also is about efficiency of all movements performed between any point A and any point B. But, most importantly, it is about the people that make the move quickly, safely and enjoy it.

Effective planning can maximize the positive effects of infrastructure investment while respecting the sectors that are affected. We, in AETHON, offer a wide range of services in order to achieve the aforementioned goal. More specifically, we offer consultation on creating and implementing policy relating to the transportation sector and advice for performance/operational management of transportation systems. We also provide transportation planning services, traffic engineering design, study on the implementation of Intelligent Transportation Systems-ITS, behavioural analysis, traffic safety analysis, demand forecasting, accessibility studies and many more.

We have the expertise to engage studies for all modes of transportation. AETHON’s experience and investment in IT related technologies and on data analytics provide the perfect mix for providing state-of-the-art services.

AETHON is also involved in integrated services for the logistics sector that include but are not limited to fleet management, products allocation, stock cycles, multi-modal transport and optimal routing.