User Applications

AETHON is greatly involved with delivering innovation products to users and enterprises. We develop smartphone applications and platforms that incorporate advanced analysis methods and techniques with the main goal of improving the movements of people and goods within urban and suburban environments.

Smartphones have become are our “Personal Travel Companion©” giving us immense new possibilities. In AETHON we believe that smartphones can become smarter by applying innovative features that make our phone more of a companion than an unchanging object. By applying intelligent solutions that have the human as epicentre and as a measuring unit we can provide added value to users when travelling and to companies that transport goods.

Innovation, efficiency, safety, ease of use are the core values of our products.

For enterprise users, the goal is the same. The application and use of smartphones when transporting goods can lead to efficient routing and scheduling that minimizes costs. In combination with comprehensive data analysis, smartphone applications is a great business booster. In AETHON, we can harness the available information and create tools for acquiring missing pieces of the puzzle with the ultimate goal of creating methodologies that minimize costs or maximize profits.

Finally, the secondary goal of AETHON is to deliver innovation products to users and companies that are related to everyday life’s problems or needs.