Behavioural Analytics

Understanding and modelling users’ choices is the foundation for a successful mobility solution

In AETHON we create user centric solutions. Understanding the user is the first step to provide sustainable solutions. Modelling user’s behaviour is the next step towards providing efficient solutions.

Travellers make choices based on available data and on their preferences. We envision a transportation system designed to provide alternatives for all preferences and under all circumstances.

System Design

We design the transportation system with the traveller in the epicentre and founding our solutions on quantitative estimations of users predicted behaviour that defines the parameterisation, implementation and feasibility of any solution.

The transportation system must be able to tackle any and all circumstances, ensure that a traveller is satisfied with service and protected from disruptions. We utilise advanced mathematical and state-of-the-art models for measuring, forecasting and quantifying robustness and reliability for the transportation system.

AETHON’s expertise is extended by deep knowledge on traffic and transport safety, business continuity analysis and network robustness.

Information with context

Traveller needs information to make decisions while Transport Service Providers need data from users to design and operate the network and modes. Understanding and predicting demand is the tip of the iceberg for successful transport system operations.

AETHON’s expert skills in behavioural analytics provides context to information and data, enhancing the information provided to travellers and creating meaning for the data used by the Transport Service Providers.

We achieve improved information provision by employing behavioural analytics models built on Transport Modelling, Artificial Intelligence, agent based modelling and elaborate choice models, extending the estimating power of predictions and with unprecedented explanatory power.