Data Services

Information is the vehicle and data are the fuel

Data is this millennium’s keyword. Collection, analysis, storage and usage of data is the cycle of information creation, that becomes meaningful through contextual examination. AETHON is capable of executing all the aforementioned actions, in any context that is related to its Sectors.

Data miners

Due to AETHON’s unique context-oriented approach, we are capable of identifying data needs for any problem examined for Smart CitiesLogisticsTraffic SafetyTransport & MobilityPublic Transport and Advanced Vehicle Technologies.

We have executed data mining from various sources such as online sources (e.g., APIs, scraping), databases and directly from people, in the form of questionnaires, interviews and focus groups.

Creating meaningful data

In AETHON we know that simply obtaining the data is not enough. Data need context in order to generate information and intelligence. We are capable of employing advanced data analytics techniques in the scope of reporting or model creation (e.g., Machine Learning, Deep Reinforced Learning). Meaning is the pedestal of data engineering, which AETHON can deliver to its customers and partners.

Meaningful data can also lead to new value generation. Due to our modelling techniques, we can create novel powerful connections among different, seemingly unrelated datasets that create new values for our partners.

Analytics and engineering

In AETHON we go beyond analytics. We want to create “good data”, data that can be used, queried and employed for improving end-users’ satisfaction and operators’ services. Good data is the significant step towards successful implementation of automation.

Data engineering requires situation-aware data collection and analysis to implement Artificial Intelligence such as Natural Language Processing, Reinforced Learning and Neural Networks. Implementation of such advanced models in production environment asserts the existence of usable and useful data, i.e., good data.

AETHON’s knowledge on data engineering can effectively achieve the identification, generation, analysis and incorporation of good data in any and all projects that the company participates.