Environmental Analytics

Low carbon, sustainable cities that accommodate citizens and quality of life

Creating a low carbon and environmentally friendly city is the objective of any town and community that places quality of life of their citizens as a top priority. We assist cities, transport operators, governmental institutions to assess, plan and tackle environmental impacts.

Analyzing for quality of life

The target of our environmental consultation services is to quantify, measure and assess the impacts of human activity on the environment. We apply the services to transportation projects related with infrastructure, such as, building new parking lots, increasing bus coverage and more, and related with services, such as, increasing the cost of parking.

The environmental consultation services are applied as part of transportation design or planning projects and in post analysis of projects, following the plan-build-assess cycle. Environment and quality of life are tightly related meanings. To that end, AETHON can obtain the opinion of the public on quality of life in addition to providing quantifiable metrics for environmental assessment. Citizens are the end-users of all transportation projects and their insight, ideas and opinions can be capitalized upon when creating a sound environmental assessment report.

Environmental Solutions

Assessing the environmental impacts is only the first step towards providing solutions that impact positively on the environment. We identify the key parameters that impact on the environment and can generate solutions that amend the impacts or provide positive feedback on the environment and citizens’ lives. We are capable of designing nudging strategies, propose infrastructural changes and improvements on services that can evidently improve environmental impact.

We analyse the effects of our solutions through models that quantify the potential effects. We execute sensitivity analysis on our proposed solutions for fine-tuning and can initiate co-creation activities with stakeholders (e.g., citizens, governmental employees, experts) for providing additional improvements to the proposed solutions.