Mobile Application Development

Smartphone Applications are the new gateway to services

The transportation system encompasses many services that the modern user expects to have at its fingertips. Those can be ticket services, journey planners, renting gateways, applications for information provision and many more.

We create applications to provide that gateway to the user achieving our goal to “deliver full-stack solutions”.

Harnessing opportunities

Smartphone applications are communication portals between the travellers and the service providers. Any solution provided by an operator should be accessible while the user is moving; that is the expected state of any traveller. We provide accessibility and control to travellers by creating innovative, efficient and easy-to-use smartphone applications.

We are also capable of harnessing data from smartphone applications due to our unique context-driven approach. We study how data can impact on improving planning and real-time operations. We find new ways to use data to assist both our customers and the end user while being fully in line with the GDPR regulation.

App dev

We develop native applications for Android and Windows platforms as well as mobile-web and hybrid apps in combination with our Web Tools Development skills. We can exploit data from the apps in new and innovative ways, such as, to determine mode used using geo location and GTFS creation (see our open source code in GitHub).