Product Prototyping

From idea to a tangible result

We implement a full software development cycle for our products: conceptualising, designing, developing and implementing. We follow well-established development processes to achieve the development cycle following Waterfall, V-Model or Agile approaches.

Prototyping a software means to make it accessible to early-adopters and testers. This is the first step to successful product implementation. Whether it is a proof-of-concept (PoC), Minimum Viable Product (MVP), customised piloting or full-scale implementation, we have the skills to get it there.

From proving to prototyping

In AETHON we want our products to become market leaders. We honed our skills of prototyping a product and we use them in collaboration with public/private organisations that share the same wish with us.

We assist other companies and organisations to execute feasibility studies for their products, design the products, plan the development phase and execute prototype testing. Due to our deep knowledge of pilot requirements, we can design piloting phases including open/closed beta testing, MVP/PoC requirements, pilot organisation (sample definition, scheduling, stakeholder engagement and more).

Efficiency and innovation

Innovation is the core of AETHON’s value proposition and the focus of any prototyping. We execute innovation activities in the form of new collaborations and service contracts with our partners to develop MVPs and PoCs. We have implemented a business model focused on collaboration first and product exploitation second.