Project Management

Efficiency and resiliency are our core values in Project Management

We are a project-based company and as such, we know the gains of good project management. We use Agile, Waterfall and V-model based project management systems to define the projects we manage.

Traditionally efficient

In AETHON we employ the waterfall project management approach for collaborative projects involving multiple partners providing an efficient and comprehensive overview for all partners and stakeholders. Through our strong technical skills on Transport Engineering, Product Development and Data Engineering, we are able to understand the evolution and progression of a project, creating realistic milestones and deliverables. 

We are also capable of creating a V-model based project management system focused on product testing. V-model is a rigid yet proven approach able to transform an idea into a tested product becoming a basic tool for every project manager especially those involved in Product Development.

Flexible and resilient

A project manager needs to be flexible in order to adapt to shifting circumstances and changing requirements. We use and are able to employ Agile management techniques to each and every project. Agile usefulness’ is better seen in practice since it promotes usage of communication and understanding above rigid constraints. It increases the connections between team members and invests on team work to overcome obstacles. Those are principles that AETHON strongly abides to.

A comprehensive approach

We utilise the Project Management Professional approach for tackling project management, from stakeholder analysis to project closure. However, we know that technical work is only the tip of the iceberg. A project involves continuous negotiations among stakeholders and project managers, expectation management and good presentation. Those are skills of a good project manager that we implement in all our projects. 

Continuous supervision and quality assurance are also strong points of AETHON. We implement robust monitoring systems that allow proactive action in the scope of supporting and enhancing technical work executed in a project.