Traffic Simulation

Visualisation and estimation of the evolving traffic state improves predictions

Traffic simulation is the tip of the iceberg of Transport Modelling because it provides a visualised context into the effects of network design and interventions.

In AETHON we believe that solutions need not only be parameterised and scientifically founded, but also need to be placed within the evolving context and continuous nature of traffic. Traffic simulation allows the estimation of the impacts of solutions considering the evolving traffic state.

Evolving Traffic

Traffic is an aggregation of system events and human decisions. We implement our knowledge on Transport Modelling and Behavioural Analytics in combination with traffic simulation skills to provide a better overview of the evolving nature of traffic which allows in-depth analysis of impacts followed by better adaptation of proposed solutions.

AETHON can provide various simulation tools placed within existing software used by planning organisations or create a completely new simulation from micro simulation (i.e., road segment) to macro simulation (i.e., city or regional).

Within the simulation, new dependencies can be effectively studied and adapted to the customer’s and societies’ needs. In AETHON, we use traffic simulation as the concrete medium for validating our solutions on Intelligent Transportation SystemsNetwork DesignTraffic Safety and Travellers’ Behaviour.

Visualisation and decision making

Traffic simulation is also the means to efficient decision making since it allows real-time estimation of impacts on network changes. We collaborate closely with decision makers to test and implement different solutions or study effects of various conditions.

Decision makers can use traffic simulation to estimate effects of road closures, study hazards’ impacts and test new solutions. We create visual representations of the effects that can be communicated and customised for the end-user, improving co-creation and empowering co-design between people, planners and decision makers.

We have the ability the implement traffic simulation for road traffic, Public Transport, pedestrians, bicycles. We can incorporate new modes (Automated Vehicles, Electric vehicles) and study demand evolution (e.g., new parking areas, new commercial zones).