Transport Studies

Seamless, user-centric and intelligent transportation systems is our priority

Seamless, user-centric and intelligent transportation systems are the foundation of AETHON’s approach to transport. We study and create solutions for the modern challenges in urban and suburban transportation systems for road, rail, maritime and air transport.

We employ our technical skills in transportation analysis for designing, developing and implementing solutions in scale, combining technical understanding and big-picture knowledge.

We work in a European and Global context through innovation projects ensuring that our skills are sharpened and at the tip of innovation. Our constant analysis of the state-of-the-art and state-of-practice allows us to develop solutions for tomorrow and understand the problems of today.

Seamless Transport

The study and explanatory analysis of user needs, Transport Service Providers’ goals, Policy targets in combination with Transport ModellingData EngineeringProduct Development and a deep understanding of transport network operations and constraints, gives way to new, cutting-edge solutions for seamless travelling. 

We utilise the latest prediction & forecasting tools to analyse multimodal chains including all modes and for all transport-centred contexts: urban/suburban mobility, intercity/regional connections and freight.

User-centric Transport

Transport is made for the people, whether it concerns transportation of people or goods. User-centric approaches aim to ensure inclusivity of people with different needs, sustainability of the transportation system and user satisfaction. Participatory design is fundamental to AETHON’s user centric approach since it creates foundations for user acceptance.

We develop solutions that are sustainable using advanced analysis tools for user happiness and satisfaction, exploiting our skills on Behavioural Analytics  and environmental impact.

Intelligent Transport

The future is machine intelligence and we have the equivalent skills to implement intelligent solutions for the transportation system. We have the ability to design automations using Artificial Intelligence in combination with our Data Engineering skills. AETHON’s powerful mix of traffic, engineering and software development skills are the pinnacle of transport studies service that distinguishes us from the competition.

We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that any developed solution is adaptable, scalable, economically viable and efficient.