Web Tools Development

Tool making with usability and efficiency in mind

We create web tools/online platforms that incorporate solutions in the context of Smart Cities, Logistics, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Data Engineering, Travellers’ Services and more.

In AETHON we provide a full range for solution implementation, from problem identification and idea creation to software delivery. We believe that any solution should be automated and usable providing a tangible product as a final deliverable.

Creating solutions that work

We develop online platforms that encompass our solutions in all services of the Transport Engineering field and beyond. We believe that simply designing a solution is not enough; it has to be applied and used to prove its worth.

For that purpose, we employ our software design skills including database creation, back-end/front-end development, web-services (e.g., API) creation, module containerization (e.g., Docker) in online platform development and other software.

Systems Integration

AETHON has deep technological know-how and project management skills providing the excellent combination for systems integration. We design software to incorporate business needs and execute requirements analysis leading to functional product design.

We provide development services for creating customized solutions and deploy our solutions by executing infrastructure configuration, middleware and software installation, system parameterisation.

We provide support services to the users through hands-on training, software manuals and help-desk type support. We use the latest project management techniques ensuring transparency and efficient communication at all levels of systems integration.

Built-to-order and turnkey software

In AETHON, we develop our turnkey IT solutions from innovative and state-of-the-art technologies and models. We envision to lead the market in transport engineering related software that facilitates Smart CitiesLogistics and Intelligent Transportation Systems operations.

We also actively support all actors in Transportation, Public Transport Operators, municipalities, regional government and other organisations in creating customised, BTO solutions. Due to our intrinsic nature combining Transport Engineering and programming, we have the unique advantage of providing a solution from idea to functional product.

Context oriented development

The combination of transport engineering and programming domains provides an exceptional context for problem solving. We can understand and quantify transportation issues, create solutions and develop them to efficient software, thus, tackling the entire range of problem solving.

We believe that innovation is a mix of an original idea and automation and we have a unique multi-disciplinary scope to tackle issues for the modern transportation system.