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Who we are

AETHON is an engineering firm working on Research-Development-Innovation (RDI) projects in Smart Cities, Mobility, Energy and Logistics. We have been building and working projects on various funding tools in Europe and Greece as well as privately funded initiatives. Those projects are created directly for our company and for our partners.

AETHON has expertise in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Transport Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Project Management, Dissemination & Exploitation and Business Modelling. We can tackle the entire life-cycle of projects, from idea to delivery. Yet, what makes us unique is our deep knowledge on cutting-edge technologies, our capability to address the toughest requirements and our ability to convert “crazier-the-better” ideas to marketable solutions.

AETHON has been working with various partners since 2016 all over Europe. We strongly believe in the value of collaboration and openness in innovation actions while our goal is always to develop tools that Benefit Humanity, the Environment and their Ecosystem.

AETHON, in mumbers

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Hackathon won – Create an ML model for electricity thefts
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Our Team

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