In AETHON we are a group that inspires each other to make a positive difference in the world we live in. We are also a diverse group who is always looking for more ideas and different methodologies. We have a project driven approach and require that our fellow team members take initiative. We believe in improving within and with the group through common experiences and ordeals that we work out together. If you are a civil engineer, programmer, mathematician (with knowledge on data analysis) or a business consultant that has out-of-the-box thinking and that strives for continuous improvement by participating in challenging projects, then AETHON is right for you!

Below you will find a list of the open positions in AETHON. Things to keep in mind when sending an application:

  • All applications should include a Curriculum Vitae of max 2 pages and a motivation/cover letter of max 1 page.
  • Applications in English are preferred.
  • Please include any recommendation letter from previous employer or academic supervisor if available.
  • If no position is available, you can send an open application. Keep in mind that due to the workload, we cannot reply to all applications.
  • Please read carefully the CV submission and processing terms before sending your Curriculum Vitae.

Available Positions

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