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Our website  uses cookies, as described below. Cookies help us provide a better experience for you on our website. Cookies are small text files of data that are stored on your computer or other device and more specifically on your browser when you visit a website. They are used for the proper operation of the website you are visiting and to provide additional functionalities, such as user identification or to remember your preferences. In this sense, they are used to improve your website experience by continually inserting your preferences every time you access our website. Cookies are not used independently to collect information; instead they are read by servers through browsers in order to improve the service provided by the website.

The said Cookies Policy is published by AΕTHON Engineering Consultants (hereinafter referred to as AETHON), located in Em. Benaki 25 str., 10678, Athens, Greece, tel. 2103801139, e-mail and refers to the way AETHON uses, stores and processes Cookies created during your browsing at

General Information

There are 3 categories of cookies by genre and related to their creation:

  • Session cookies are cookies that are deleted after the browser is closed.
  • Persistent cookies remain on your computer or laptop even when you close your browser. These cookies can be deleted manually or automatically deleted after a period of time.
  • Third-party cookies are installed by third party websites, organizations / companies and aim to collect information from you.

Cookies that are used on our site

What cookies does our website use?

The types of cookies used by our website ( are only temporary cookies (session cookies).

What is the functionality of the cookies used on our website and what information is collected?

The website uses two cookies that are referred to as functionality cookies. In particular, the cookies used on are:

  • cookielawinfo-checkbox-necessary: Defines whether the message shown to the user regarding cookies is necessary.
  • viewed_cookie_policy: Defines whether the user has clicked on the button stating that the user recognised cookies usage in the website.
  • pll_language: Defines the language of the website.

More information

All web browsers allow you to manage cookies, and you can decide whether to delete cookies as soon as you complete your visit to the website or define your preferences before starting your navigation. Please note that if you choose to reject or delete cookies the website functionality may be impaired (e.g. some function may not be fully available). You may find more information about your web browser to the following links:

Where can you learn more about the general use of cookies?

More information on the general use of cookies and their methods of exclusion or restriction is available at  and

If you would like to contact us for any issues related to this Cookies Policy, you may contact AETHON at the following email: