Cargo bikes and Drones



The proposed project refers to a first phase of importing drone and cargo bike into freight transport to meet some distinct needs, either in terms of transport speed or protection of some protected, sensitive environmental parts of the city. It is almost certain that at a later stage, when their technology has evolved, drone and cargo bike will be used to meet more conventional transportation needs because they will be able to carry more weight and thus serve more concentrated missions. Then, the transit centers will be the first intermediate destination in the transport chain until the final recipient. Conversely, in the first phase of light, therefore more personalized transport, small take-off / landing bases could operate, where the transfer between drone and cargo bike would take place. These bases will be on line with the transit center. The project aims to:

(a) investigate issues arising from the use of drones and bicycles in freight transport in urban places with various urban and traffic characteristics,

(b) produce a model that calculates cost, energy consumption and travel times using these means of transport per kilometer under different conditions,

(c) create a software that will include data on the location of take-off / landing points, sender and receiver addresses and landline characteristics.

Role of AETHON

AETHON will have a significant role in the technical tasks of the project due to its specialization in the design and implementation of innovative solutions aimed at modernising and improving transport services. AETHON will explore the circumstances under which freight transport with drones and cargo bikes is feasible and will contribute to the design and development of the platform.


Project Information

Duration: 17/6/2021 έως 16/12/2023 (30 months)

Budget: €932,818.00