NOUS will develop the architecture of a European Cloud Service that allows computational and data storage resources to be used from edge devices as well as supercomputers, through the HPC network, and Quantum Computers. NOUS will be an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)/Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cloud provider, harnessing edge computing and decentralisation paradigms to incorporate a wide array of devices and machines in its computational flow to provide leaps in Europe’s capability to process vast amounts of data. The pipeline of the NOUS in the project will include three types of components: i) computational components that are responsible for executing computations, ii) edge components that are responsible for communicating with edge devices (such as IoT sensors/ actuators/ devices), iii) data storage components that are responsible for data storage and storage management. Components are researched individually, expecting to yield breakthroughs, and jointly, to create the architecture and cloud-level services such as syndication with other platforms and virtual labs. The project has defined 4 use-cases that will allow the testing of the developed technologies in real-world scenarios that industry leaders face. The NOUS architecture will be made open source to allow the capitalization by companies and organisations. Furthermore, a set of workshops and collaboration activities is envisioned with Data Spaces Support Centre, Gaia-X, FIWARE and EOSC powered by a strong consortium of 21 partners from 11 European countries.

Role of AETHON

AETHON will have a significant role in the project by leading Work Package 6: ‘Towards the creation of the NOUS architecture’. Furthermore, AETHON will lead the T2.2 task which comprises of the requirements elicitation and prioritisation for the NOUS architecture and NOUS components. AETHON will also create an Auto-Standardiser tool for translation to data standards within T5.4 and will deliver a Virtual Lab for data collaboration within T6.4. Finally, AETHON will also overview all the data related activities as an assigned Data Protection Officer.


Public Results

Public Deliverables:

  • D1.3 Data Management Plan – View pdf

Project Information

Duration: 1/1/2024 to 31/12/2026 (36 months)

Budget: €8,428,875.00

Project link: