PROSPECTS 5.0 is a smart study on the analysis and identification of practices, drives, success factors, and obstacles of transition towards industry 5.0 for SMEs, start-ups, and scale-ups. PROSPECTS 5.0 aims to support the transition to Industry 5.0 by providing practical guidance, reports, tools, solutions, and a collaborative platform for industry stakeholders to remove the barriers for industry to opt into the I5.0. To provide real-world examples the project will analyze 14 use cases from different European Union countries and 6 different industries, covering various types of manufacturing, service providing, education, energy, aviation transport, and automotive. The use cases from these sectors will ensure a focused and effective transition to Industry 5.0.

PROSPECTS 5.0 results are expected to encourage collaboration between different entities, including companies, universities, research centers, and government agencies, to co-create solutions and innovations, improve the skills and mindsets of individuals regarding Industry 5.0 and study pilot projects to test, validate, and measure the impact of I5.0.

Additionally, PROSPECTS 5.0 will raise awareness of Industry 5.0 through workshops, seminars/webinars, and collaborative online platforms and web applications. PROSPECTS 5.0 is relevant to the worker Horizon Europe Cluster 4 (Digital, Industry, Space) specifically to destination 6: A human-centers and ethical development of digital and industrial technologies since the project results will lead to a more inclusive and sustainable EU industry, and indirectly, the project findings will facilitate the understanding of the required skills needed to support the twin transition.

Role of AETHON

AETHON will have a significant role in the project by developing the PROSPECTS 5.0 platform and providing Industry 5.0 reports, due to its specialization in software engineering and data analytics. More specifically, AETHON will lead the following tasks:

  • Development of the Industry 5.0 Assessment reports
  • Development of the PROSPECTS 5.0 platform
  • Data Management Plan

AETHON will lead Work Package 3 (WP3): Uncovering Patterns and Trends.


Public Results

Public Deliverables:

Project Information

Duration: 1/1/2024 to 31/12/2026 (36 months)

Budget: €3,999,335.00

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