Collaboration is a concept that carries heavy weight when discussing multimodal trips of passengers. For Transport Service Providers (TSPs), it is a method to facilitate a door-to-door (D2D) journey, which is a basic goal set out by the EU in the 2011 Transport White Paper. However, collaboration is a very generic concept that is hard to define. For SYN+AIR, collaboration among modes relates to data sharing among TSPs in the scope of facilitating a seamless D2D journey. The main objective of SYN+AIR is to generate common goals for TSPs that will justify data sharing, facilitating the user to execute a seamless D2D journey. SYN+AIR employs a partially participatory (in terms of validation) and partially, technology driven approach (in terms of defining data flow among TSPs) that is user-centric; customer journeys will be generated for the entire multimodal chain and SYN+AIR will analyse how those journeys can be facilitated through improved planning and operations activities (following the ATFCM phases: strategic, pre-tactical, tactical) powered by data sharing. For the analysis, air travelling is placed in the epicentre; all multimodal chains consider the usage of air travelling. Consequently, a “Smart Contracts Framework” will be generated based on a Business Process Model. Smart Contracts are agreements among TSPs that define data sharing criteria (scope, parties’ obligations, contract’s time span and fulfilment criteria). TSPs can use the agreements for structuring a collaboration scheme with another TSP either strategically or tactically. Data generated by Travel Companion apps will also be analysed in the context of enriching the Smart Contracts Framework allowing TSPs to improve their activities and execute informed decisions. Finally, SYN+AIR will determine what additional recommendations can be provided to travellers based on the execution of a Smart Contract.

AETHON is the initiator of the SYN+AIR project idea.

Role of AETHON

AETHON participates almost in all the technical works of SYN+AIR due to its specialization in transport planning and data analysis. AETHON’s main contribution will be in the Business Policy and in the Technology Exploration. AETHON will be the Work Package Leader of WP3, the Task leader of all the tasks of WP3 and will create the Smart Contracts Framework.


Public Results

Public Deliverables:

  • D3.1 Report on Customer Journeys – View pdf
  • D3.2 TSPs’ Collaboration and Data Sharing parameters – View pdf
  • D3.3 Goals for collaboration and data sharing – View pdf

Project Information

Duration: 1/11/2020 to 1/12/2022 (25 months)

Budget: €997,250.00

Project link: N/A