Innovation programs and hubs

Innovation programs and hubs

Are you on the lookout for innovative, data-driven solutions to tackle your organization's challenges? Let’s do it.

At AETHON, we specialize in crafting and implementing cutting-edge innovation programs and hubs, creating vital connections between adept problem-solvers and real-world challenges.

What is an "Innovation Program"?

Innovation programs involve organizations openly sharing a problem or specific challenge they're facing, such as, a hackathon, a datathon or a Living Lab. External participants, such as Subject Matter Experts, startups, innovators, or the broader community, are then invited to submit their innovative ideas, technologies, or proposals to solve the stated problem or challenge. This collaborative approach enables organizations to tap into external expertise and diverse perspectives, discovering novel solutions they might not have considered internally.

What we offer

Here’s why choosing AETHON is a game changer in Innovation Programs and Hubs:

Customized Innovation Programs: Our expert team collaborates with you to create innovation programs tailored to your unique requirements.

Challenge Identification: Working closely with you, our experts identify and define the challenges you face ensuring that innovators thoroughly understand your objectives.

Engaging Innovators: Our engagement process connects your challenges with the right minds, including innovators, startups, and SMEs.

Data-Driven Solutions: Through data exploration and utilization, innovators propose data-driven solutions that can revolutionize the way you operate.

Brand Awareness: An innovation program is a great way to advertise your innovative spirit to the world while participating innovators become brand advocates.

Why choose us

We can ensure you receive a solution tailored to your requirements. We offer:

Proven Track Record

Our successful history in innovation projects showcases our ability to design innovation programs.

Fostering Innovation

We actively foster collaboration, creating an environment conducive to groundbreaking ideas.

Data-Driven Approach

Our commitment to a data-driven approach ensures that provided solutions lead to actionable outcomes.


New solutions 100%

Gain new solutions through ideas coming from innovation teams.

Adaptation 70%

Adapt the Innovation Program to your actual needs and requirements.

Experimentation 100%

Discover new possibilities and perspectives through the experimentation of innovation teams.

Brand promotion 80%

Participating teams can become brand advocates due to your eagerness to experiment and innovate.

Proven success stories

AETHON has organized and monitored 2 Living Labs in Europe attracting more than 50 innovative teams.

We have executed a unique hybrid event in Europe that attracted more than 100 innovators providing ideas on specific challenges presented by cities.

We have run and organised more than 50 workshops on different projects and initiatives.

Our commitment

If you’re ready to propel your business into a future where innovation isn’t just a concept but the heartbeat of success, partner with AETHON today.

Our commitment is steadfast. Embark with us on a journey where each challenge is an opportunity waiting to be discovered, and innovation becomes the driving force for transformative possibilities.

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