Research and Development Management

Research and Development Management

Investing in Research and Development (R&D) is the key to crafting efficient tools, optimising your processes and staying ahead of the competition.

R&D departments must be founded on an efficient strategy to ensure systematic innovation while they must be self-sufficient and integrated with the company’s operations.

What is R&D Department Creation & Management?

An R&D Department can facilitate seamless integration of new technologies and insights into companies’ operations, not just staying modern but outperforming competitors. R&D departments, even as outsourced, can increase the company’s capacity to innovate, to implement innovations in the everyday of the business and to develop new services and technologies.

What we offer

Here’s why choosing AETHON is fundamental to creating solid R&D  processes:

Innovation Gap Analysis: Our experts conduct a thorough analysis to identify innovation gaps within your organization, paving the way for strategic and targeted R&D investments.

Secure Funding for R&D Activities: We provide a secure avenue for funding your R&D initiatives, ensuring that your innovation pipeline remains robust and dynamic.

Competition Analysis: Stay ahead by understanding your competitors. Our competition analysis ensures that your R&D efforts are aligned with market trends and customer expectations.

Productize Research: We transform your research findings into tangible products, bridging the gap between innovative ideas and market-ready solutions.

Why choose us

We can ensure you receive a solution tailored to your requirements. We offer:


Execute sustainable R&D initiatives leading your company to technological edge.

Competitive Edge

Be aware of global innovation efforts, create new innovations and stay always ahead.

New products

We can assist you transform research into marketable products and services.


Increase innovation across and within business units

Increase efficiency and economic viability of R&D actions

Identify gaps and issues in the market and your operations

Upskilling personnel towards cutting edge technologies

Proven success stories

Created more than 30 consortia and achieved 25% success rate in R&D proposals.

Achieved 98% funding absorption during for contracted R&D management.

We have successfully productized two R&D projects.

Our commitment

At AETHON, we stand unwaveringly committed to simplifying your R&D journey. Our dedicated team is here to provide the robust support needed to foster innovation and drive operational efficiency within your organization.

Trust us to fuel your R&D activities with a tailored approach, ensuring your company ascends to new heights of innovation and efficiency.

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