Tailored Process Optimisation and Automation

Tailored Process Optimisation and Automation

Increase efficiency of transportation and optimize use of energy.

A service carefully designed for companies with strong requirements towards logistics, automation and supply chain optimisation.

What is process optimisation and automation?

Every business runs on processes. Especially logistical-heavy industries such as last-mile and long-distance logistics, mass transportation agencies, manufacturers and factories, warehouses and others. These businesses execute logistical process that can be optimised and automated through improving infrastructure (digital and physical) and implementing advanced operational schemes.

What we offer

Here’s why choosing AETHON is the key to optimise and automate your processes:

Comprehensive Transportation and Supply Chain Analysis: Find unoptimized points in your system and analyse them for causalities and reasons.

Optimised Infrastructural consultation: Data and expert-driven, quantified suggestions for improving infrastructure in your logistical and manufacturing centres.

Operations and Monitoring: We design interconnected operational schemes focusing on automation and safety.

Technical Supervision and Management: We provide end-to-end supervision and management services for implementing infrastructural and operational improvements.

Energy Usage Machinery Optimization: Through data and state-of-the-art optimisation models, we can provide holistic suggestions for energy efficiency.

Education and Training for Personnel: Training on usage of software and new processes to ensure widespread adoption and optimal impact of suggestions.

Why choose us

We can ensure you receive a solution tailored to your requirements. We offer:

Efficient Operations

We can implement a seamless operational flow and eliminate bottlenecks.


We can boost performance across your transportation and energy processes.

Cost Savings

Witness tangible cost reductions from optimizations in your supply chains.


Reduce frictions in your supply chain

Reduce unnecessary costs

Reduce errors and automate operations and monitoring

Increase profit margins and sustainability

Proven success stories

Streamlined data publication processes of Mass Transport agencies to comply with data publication requirements.

Created a 4-country large data collection with questionnaires and equivalent analysis regarding behavioural patterns of people.

Researched the implementation of electric cargo bikes and drones as logistics vehicles for last-mile delivery.

Our commitment

We are dedicated to enhancing your business processes and driving success in today’s rapidly evolving industrial landscape. Choose AETHON for process automation that goes beyond the ordinary – we’re here to elevate your operations and ensure lasting success.

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