Advanced ICT Systems

Advanced ICT systems

Digital solutions implemented as part of process automation, R&D or other activities, require a digital infrastructure that has to scale easily and quickly while ensuring reliability, continuous availability and robustness.

What we offer

Here’s why choosing AETHON can be the spearhead to implement a state-of-the-art ICT system:

Custom Software Development: Tailored solutions designed to meet your specific business needs, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies.

Web and Mobile App Development: We create technological ecosystems that are interconnected and interoperable while covering all your business needs.

IoT integration: In a world of many sensors and devices to monitor and control physical elements and logistical processes, you need a partner to implement and integrate data and sensors with other digital components of your operations.

Software Maintenance and Support: We implement proper monitoring mechanisms measuring Key Performance Indicators and visualized for optimizing maintenance of systems. Implement ticketing systems and optimize CloudOPs, DevOps and MLOps.

Scalable Cloud Infrastructure: Create a cloud backbone for your digital tools to ensure 5-9s availability, highly scalable and robust applications.

Why choose us

We can ensure you receive a solution tailored to your requirements. We offer:


We follow a collaborative approach to ensure that the final outcome will exceed your expectations.

State-of-the-art knowledge

We always work and are trained on the latest tools and trends for coding, architecture and design.

Above and beyond

There is nothing that technology cannot achieve. We find ways to cover even the toughest requirements.


Holistic solutions 90%

Creating ICT systems is not about solving one problem but all possible manifestations of a problem.

Modernization 80%

We use what is latest in libraries, languages, frameworks and coding stacks.

Longevity 80%

We ensure you get a system that will last tough usage and time.

Responsiveness 100%

We make tools for people and we want to work with you to ensure your requirements and wishes are met.

Proven success stories

Created an innovative software and cloud architecture for highly-extendable and highly-scalable systems implemented successfully in EFFICIOUS and TransiTool.

Deployed solutions to different cloud providers and working with ensemble techniques both in cloud and AI for cost optimization and increasing availability.

Working with European High Performance Computing infrastructure, implementing advanced Dev/Cloud/ML-ops.

Our commitment

In the dynamic realm of automation, choosing the right partner is pivotal. Choose AETHON Engineering for more than just a solution; choose a transformative journey toward innovation. Our commitment is your assurance of an innovative approach that transcends traditional boundaries.

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