Athens, 15 February 2021 AETHON is proud to participate in the Horizon 2020 EU Research and Innovation programme by contributing to the 3-year MobiDataLab project, launched on February 1st, 2021.

The MobiDataLab project

The MobiDataLab project aims to foster digitalisation for mobility stakeholders[1] through the development of a worldwide data sharing culture, starting with Europe. The research programme will help mobility stakeholders to optimize use of data for the improvement of their operations and services by proposing a replicable methodology and sustainable tools.

The MobiDataLab project is based on a continuous co-development of knowledge and technical solutions for data sharing in the transport and mobility sectors. This will be put in action through problem-solving oriented Labs, the collection and analysis of advice and recommendations of experts, and supporting cities/regions/clusters/associations. They will be aided by the incremental construction of a cross-thematic knowledge base, and of a cloud-based service platform, which will coordinate access and usage of data sharing resources.

AETHON’s role in the MobiDataLab project

AETHON participates in the MobiDataLab consortium, composed of 9 partners across Europe from various sectors (Industry, Research, Academia, Consultancy and Governance). The consortium shares a common view on the values and benefits of open data and open source principles for fostering independence and uptake by communities.

AETHON will have a significant role in the technical tasks due to its specialization in the transport field and data
analysis. AETHON will explore the actor’s needs and the cooperation framework and will create and execute the Living and Virtual Labs in order to collect data regarding the data sharing culture and the impact and efficiency of the project. AETHON has been analysing and exploring various transportation actors’ needs across its projects and aims to extend that knowledge base in MOBIDATALAB

AETHON has worked and is currently working on 6 Horizon2020 projects. Highlights:

-My-TRAC analysed user choices to create a user-centred app that could provide recommendations based on users’ behavioural and sentimental status
-Shift2MaaS aimed to provide connection of the new Shift2Rail technologies with legacy systems of operators while executing large piloting actions
-SYN+AIR aims to create a multimodal door-to-door guarantee travel service (Smart Contract Framework)

AETHON is working actively to support its mission through the creation of innovative products. Some of them are: 

-Biketify: A certification provision platform for companies that promote bike tourism 
-TransiTool: A data aggregator and translator platform for Public Transport data
-EFFICIOUS: A circular economy platform that facilitates circular and shared economy

AKKA has won more than 9 EU projects within a period of 6 months demonstrating a clear focus on Digital and on the priorities of the European Commission. Being a coordinator of the MobiDataLab  project comes with a commitment to digitalize and make transport data easily accessible to everyone thanks to an ambitious data opening strategy. We look forward to start working on the project together with our partners. added Pierre Lion, Group director of AKKA Research, AKKA’s in-house R&D and innovation center.

For more information about the MobiDataLab project, please visit:


AETHON’s mission is to create innovative products for smart cities, mobility, logistics, public transport, traffic safety and automated vehicles. AETHON has been working on state-of-the-art research projects in the European scale to increase its knowledge and generate partnerships as well as develop technical solutions that can be used beyond the scope of a specific project. Those projects require both transportation engineering skills and programming skills. Fundamentally, both sets of skills are based on data engineering which is a strong expertise of our company.




Stella Noutsou (Project Manager)

Alexandros Papacharalampous (Technical Manager)

+30 210 3801139

Em. Benaki 25, 10678, Athens, Greece



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