MobiDataLab General Assembly in Athens

We are thrilled to have successfully hosted the 4rth General Assembly for the MobiDataLab project, bringing together partners from all over Europe to share progress and discuss the next steps of our upcoming exciting initiatives. It was a productive and engaging event, filled with insightful discussions and valuable key takeaways.

In the birthplace of Marathons, we launched the MobiDataLab x-athons race.

Our MobiDataLab Living Labs #datathon, #hackathon and #codagon are problem-solving oriented labs designed with the aim to bring together data providers and data consumers in the transport and mobility landscape and ultimately produce innovative solutions to concrete mobility problems.

To learn more about our upcoming Living Labs register your expression of interest in the following link:

➡️ https://www.f6s.com/expression-of-interest-mobidatalab-virtual-and-living-labs

Akkodis Universitat Rovira i Virgili ICOOR Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche Hove KU Leuven F6S HERE Technologies POLIS Network

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