IP4MaaS – ExtenSive – Connective Final Event

The team of AETHON Engineering will partake in the Final Event of the #IP4MaaS #project, as well as of the #ExtenSive and the #CONNECTIVE Projects, on 6th of June ’23 in Barcelona, and we invite you all to be there. Learn more about the projects, their results, lessons learned and how they together contribute to achieving seamless, people-centric #transport in #EU.

To learn more about #IP4MaaS feel free to explore our website, as well as the IP4MaaS site:

➡️ https://aethon.gr/projects/ip4maas/

➡️ https://www.ip4maas.eu/about/

✏️ To learn more and register to the event, click here:

➡️ https://www.ip4maas.eu/2023/04/04/youre-invited-ip4maas-final-event/

Or directly here:

➡️ https://efficy.uitp.org/onlinereg/?e=8774&ext=1&p=-1&rk=online

We hope to see you there and exchange knowledge, experiences and insight.

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