KEYSTONE Shines at FEDeRATED’s Final Event During EU Daia Logistics Festival

In a remarkable showcase of innovation and collaboration, AETHON, led by CEO-CTO Alex Papacharalampous, took center stage on November 30, 2023, at FEDeRATED’s conclusive event in Brussels. The spotlight was on the KEYSTONE project during a dedicated discussion within the EU Daia Logistics Festival’s workshop on semantic interoperability.

The event served as a dynamic hub of knowledge, bringing together industry experts to collectively shape the future of semantic interoperability in the realm of logistics. AETHON, representing the KEYSTONE project, with a strategic focus on harnessing the power of FEDeRATED’s semantic model, aimed to make substantial contributions towards standardized, efficient, and secure transport solutions for both logistics and enforcement authorities.

CEO-CTO Alex Papacharalampous delivered a comprehensive overview of the KEYSTONE project, shedding light on the project’s challenges and collaborative opportunities. AETHON’s active and engaged participation underscored a genuine commitment to leveraging FEDeRATED’s semantic model to establish secure transport networks.

The heart of the discussions revolved around FEDeRATED’s significant strides in achieving semantic interoperability. Participants shared a common objective – to establish a federated network seamlessly connecting logistics and enforcement authorities across Europe. What began as the concluding event in Brussels transcended its role, evolving into a launchpad for future initiatives. This transformational event has propelled projects like KEYSTONE towards a future marked by enhanced interconnectedness and interoperability.

AETHON’s involvement in FEDeRATED’s final event signifies not just a conclusion but a promising beginning, where collaborative efforts continue to drive projects forward, shaping a more integrated and interoperable future for logistics and enforcement authorities in Europe.

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