KEYSTONE-FENIX-FEDERATED-CINEA-ALICE Unite for a Knowledge-Fueled Workshop in Brussels!

AETHON, as the WP2 leader in the KEYSTONE project, was excited to be part of the recent Sharing Knowledge Workshop in Brussels on December 7th. The workshop gathered influential figures from key projects like FEDeRATED, FENIX, and experts from DTLF, alongside representatives from CINEA and ALICE. This dynamic event provided a vibrant platform for sharing experiences, insights, and technical knowledge.

Andrea Condotta from Gruber Logistics kicked off the workshop with an engaging introduction, setting the tone for the day. Deliali Katerina from CINEA extended warm institutional greetings, and Mauro Dell’Amico, the coordinator of the KEYSTONE project from UNIMORE, shared valuable insights into the project’s overarching goals.

The workshop featured standout presentations, including Jef Bauwens from the Belgian Ministry of Transport discussing the Plug and Play concept, findings, and needs. Wout Hofman, representing the Dutch Ministry of Transport, provided valuable insights into the FEDeRATED project, including its pilot initiatives, architecture, and semantics model. Eusebiu Catana from ERTICO illuminated the FENIX project, its association, and pilot actions. Tomas Ambra from ALICE concluded with intriguing B2B examples of Plug & Play and Data Sharing.

Two lively roundtable discussions followed, where stakeholders engaged in vibrant conversations, brainstorming, and idea exchange. The focus was on strategically harnessing the wealth of knowledge from DTLF, FEDeRATED, and FENIX projects to benefit the law enforcement and logistics sectors in the EU.

The insights gained during these discussions are invaluable to KEYSTONE and will be carefully examined and leveraged. The ultimate goal is to distill this wealth of information into user-friendly, scalable, and efficient standardized solutions, contributing to a seamlessly integrated, safe, secure, and efficient digital ecosystem for the EU.

A special shout-out to GRUBER Logistics, a valuable partner in the KEYSTONE project, for organizing this impactful workshop. AETHON eagerly anticipates building upon these insights and looks forward to future collaborations that will drive further progress in the KEYSTONE project!

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