Have you caught wind of the groundbreaking PROSPECTS 5.0?

PROSPECTS 5.0 isn’t just a project; it’s a passionate commitment to revolutionize the adoption of Industry 5.0 principles – think human centricity, sustainability, and resiliency! Our mission? To pave the way for SMEs, start-ups, and scale-ups across various industries. Picture this: 14 use cases spanning different EU countries and 6 diverse industries, creating a vibrant hub of creativity and knowledge.

We’re thrilled to announce the kickoff of the PROSPECTS 5.0 project in Leuven – a transformative journey that’s set to redefine the future of industries. Imagine 14 dynamic partners, an equal number of use cases, and a room filled with energy, enthusiasm, and a shared commitment to venture into this exciting new era. Huge thanks to Flanders Make for hosting an unforgettable kick-off event!

Now, brace yourself for innovation! Through AETHON, PROSPECTS will build a platform that goes beyond the ordinary – a space where organizations can register, share their Industry 5.0 tech info, and receive a maturity score. This platform isn’t just a step; it’s a leap towards enhancing the circular and sharing economy, managing waste, and reducing energy footprints. Imagine a more inclusive and sustainable EU industry!

As we embark on this thrilling journey, we want you with us every step of the way. ???? Stay tuned for riveting updates and insights! PROSPECTS 5.0 is armed with reports, guidelines, measurement tools, and a collaborative platform that’s set to drive real-world change. The selected sectors are pivotal to the European economy, ensuring a focused and effective transition to Industry 5.0.

Ready for a ride into the future? Join us in shaping a human-centered and ethical development of digital and industrial technologies! Let’s collaborate, innovate, and shape the future together!

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