Empowering Tomorrow’s Transportation: AETHON Leads KEYSTONE at Connecting Europe Days 2024

In the heart of Brussels, our team took center stage at Connecting Europe Days 2024, showcasing the groundbreaking efforts of the KEYSTONE project. Led by AETHON’s CEO-CTO, Alex Papacharalampous, alongside Communication Specialist Maria Magaliou and Project Manager Zoi Petrakou, the event marked a pivotal moment in the journey to revolutionize the transportation industry.

With over 2,500 participants from EU Member States and neighboring countries, Connecting Europe Days 2024 provided an unparalleled platform for collaboration and innovation. Among the 80 stands representing various projects, KEYSTONE stood out as a beacon of progress, aiming to transform logistics across Europe and beyond.

At the heart of KEYSTONE’s mission is the resolve to address the pressing challenges facing the logistics sector. From data fragmentation to disjointed communication between operators and authorities, these hurdles threaten efficiency, safety, and sustainability. However, KEYSTONE and of course AETHON sees these challenges as opportunities for innovation, leveraging cutting-edge technology to pave the way for a brighter future.

During the event, Zoi Petrakou delivered a compelling pitch, articulating KEYSTONE’s vision to redefine transportation. Through its innovative web application, KEYSTONE empowers authorities to optimize workload, streamline traffic flow, and automate compliance checks. Simultaneously, it offers operators a seamless experience, facilitating smooth border crossings and verified compliance across Europe.

KEYSTONE’s significance extends beyond technological advancement; it’s about fostering collaboration and partnership. By establishing API standards for data sharing, KEYSTONE breaks down silos, fosters transparency, and ensures critical information flows freely and securely across the transport ecosystem.

The event also sparked discussions about the synergy between KEYSTONE and eFTI, underscoring the project’s commitment to exploring new avenues for collaboration and growth. With interest from DG MOVE officers and plans for future presentations and collaborations, KEYSTONE’s momentum continues to build.

As we reflect on Connecting Europe Days 2024, AETHON remains steadfast in its commitment to reshaping the transportation landscape. Join us on this transformative journey as we pave the way for a future where logistics are seamless, efficient, and sustainable, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

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