HS4U 3rd General Assembly: Progress, Risk Management, and KPI Definitions

Did you know HS4U is a cross-national, 3-year Research and Innovation Action (01/09/2022-31/08/2025), supported by the #EU’s #HorizonEurope program? HS4U aims to develop holistic solutions for the early detection, prevention, and management of health crises on large passenger and cruise ships, ensuring healthy operations and safe return to port during health crises.

Key Highlights from Our 3rd General Assembly in Caparica, Portugal

Our team gathered in Caparica, Portugal for our 3rd General Assembly. Here are the key highlights from the meeting:

  • Detailed Work Package Discussions and Task Alignment: On the first day, we thoroughly discussed all work package activities. Each partner presented their tasks to ensure alignment with project timelines and objectives, promoting effective collaboration and progress tracking.
  • Proactive Risk Management: Effective risk management remains a priority for HS4U. Comprehensive discussions were held to identify potential risks and develop robust mitigation strategies. This proactive approach aims to minimize the impact of unforeseen issues, ensuring the smooth execution of upcoming tasks.
  • Defining KPIs for Usability, Efficiency, Impact, and Safety: On the second day, a dedicated workshop for Work Package 5 focused on defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These KPIs are crucial for measuring the usability, efficiency, impact, and safety of the solutions we propose, setting the stage for the next phase of experimentation and pilot implementation.

Moving Forward: Experimentation and Pilot Implementation

With significant progress across all work packages, HS4U is gearing up for the next crucial phase. The defined KPIs and risk management strategies have strengthened our collaborative approach and preparedness, ensuring we are well-equipped for the upcoming tasks.

Stay tuned for updates as we move into the experimentation and pilot implementation phase, bringing us closer to our goal of developing effective solutions for health crisis management on large passenger and cruise ships.

Follow our journey and stay updated on our progress! 

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